Saturday, December 13, 2008

"Sisters, Sisters..."

Some of the best parenting advice I've ever received came from a co-worker before our second child was born. Knowing that our first-born was sleeping in our bedroom, and sometimes co-sleeping, this wise woman admonished me to make the transition to a room of her own well before the baby arrived. She said, that way your eldest won't feel pushed out by the newborn, and she can enjoy being the big sister.

I dutifully made the change, to which our daughter immediately adjusted with no hiccups, and began to enjoy much more restful sleep myself (at least, until the belly got very big). When daughter #2 arrived, #1 never showed the least animosity. She was interested and indeed quite gentle, for a 1 year old.

Now 15 months and 3 months old respectively, they adore each other. The eldest happily gives her sister kisses and rocks her in the swing, and the younger is all smiles and coos for her big sis. So much for sibling rivalry.

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