Monday, May 9, 2011

Beautiful Abundance

Our family has grown so quickly over the last three and a half years that most days feel like a little corner of chaos. My three youngest children are in diapers, and my two oldest are excessively hormonal teenagers! We are in the midst of renovations to add space for another child, and my darling husband is trying hard to balance two different jobs with the demands of our family life.

Yesterday, notwithstanding the usual chaos, I had my most enjoyable Mothers' Day yet. In the morning I had Cheerios and Earl Grey tea in bed, while I read my favourite blogs and enjoyed a half hour of quiet time. After church I had a lovely and relaxing visit with my mom-in-law and sisters-in-law while the children played outside, and later we enjoyed a walk around our quiet neighbourhood in beautiful sunshine before a quick leftover dinner and bed. After the children were asleep I laid down for a catnap and then played a game on the computer for a little while, and my husband brought me a McD's late-night snack. What a treat! Each of my girls (and each of my mothers!) made me feel loved and appreciated, and my sweetheart really stepped up to the plate to take on the responsibilities of childcare and chores so I could enjoy an easy day.

For many people our family life would be overwhelming. Not many would wish to take on three children under the age of 4, let alone the demands of foster care and the added mess of renovations, but for me each of these have been very rewarding. My little ones tell me every day how much they love me, my older girls are each proving what a difference a loving family structure can make, and our new basement is looking fantastic (not to mention increasing the value of our home). I am learning by trial and error how to manage a household and to keep order in our home. I am learning how to be wise, self-controlled, and resilient. Somehow I doubt that a "normal" life - having 2.5 children and working outside the home - would have these kinds of results. Thank God for the beautiful, chaotic abundance we have in our home and our hearts!

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