Thursday, October 13, 2011

Purging and Procrastinating

I do not like housework. I like to cook, bake, even iron clothes, when my house is clean & tidy, and above all QUIET. Which pretty much never happens. I still make an effort to cook and bake when I can muster the fortitude, because the payoff is so worth it! I do love food. But then, I do not like housework. And cooking and baking have the unfortunate side effect of creating more of it.

Another blogger mentioned amongst her radical purging that she kept only enough dishes and utensils for one meal, and enough clothes for 7 days. Although I have considered such measures for clothes, it never occurred for me to do the same with dishes! I usually thank God I have so many dishes, so I can get through a whole day of meals (and then some, depending on the meals and who is home) without having to do dishes. But after sitting crusted with food from breakfast until late evening, cereal bowls get harder to clean. Forcing myself to use fewer dishes in a day - what a fantastic idea! I feel all pumped to do some purging, but first I need to wash the dishes that are currently dirty.

I also badly need to purge the kids' clothes (they have more than they will ever wear!), but first I need to wash all the clothes that are currently dirty. And I desperately need to purge my mismatching tupperware pieces! But first I need to find, wash and sort the tupperware that is currently dirty.

So, to help me get ready to purge our unnecessary belongings, I think I'll spend the afternoon looking for quotes from Molly Maid and competitors. ;) I need help.

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