Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How To Make Lobster In One Easy Step

Here's one recipe anyone can try - but shouldn't. You won't like it. Trust me.

Baked Lobster

1 adult, lightly dressed
2 youngsters, lightly dressed
1 large bottle of 55 SPF sunscreen

Liberally slather sunscreen on the 2 youngsters.

That's it. Sounds like a no-brainer, eh? Or maybe I missed something...
Anyway, we still had lots of fun at Riverview Park & Zoo today. :)

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  1. Another Baker Lobster recipe

    Take 3 adults, lightly dressed (Ivan, Judi and Amy
    Add 3 youngster, lightly dressed
    I large bottle of sunscreen

    Apply liberally to 3 youngsters, and spend all day at a waterpark

    That's it as well, . . . except for the fact that we were a little crispy at the end of the day. The youngsters well they were just fine because nana, papa and aunt "maima" put sunscreen on them!!!


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