Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Poop Hits The Fan

Yesterday was what Anne Shirley would call a "Jonah Day" for me. It wasn't the large cup of coffee that my toddler dumped behind the couch at 8:00 AM, it wasn't the 29°C heat in my house, it wasn't the food that got thrown on the floor at every meal... but these things didn't help.

Things really started going downhill when I went to get Boo up from her morning nap and found her diaperless, smearing poop all over the crib, her body, her face and hair. Now don't get me wrong, I love my kids, and I can even see the humour of the situation - when it's happening to someone else - but at this particular moment, I felt like I was losing it. This little girl got an earful and besides that was forced under the shower despite her aversion to getting her head wet. If it's the only way to get her clean, I'm sorry, but she will just have to cry!

After she was clean, dressed, and hair done up pretty, I put her downstairs in the playpen and went back up to strip down the crib, scrub the frame, and clean the floor. Then we all had a nice lunch together, albeit messy. That's life for a mommy with two babes, I guess. But later that afternoon I put the girls down for a nap again, and headed off to clean up the lunch mess and my new pile of laundry. After a while I heard my baby fussing, so I got her up and changed her, gave her a bottle, and decided to check on my napping (so I thought) toddler. I found her once again diaperless, sitting oh-so-innocently with pieces of poop scattered around the crib, the floor, the walls... and Mommy was having a meltdown. Toddler was bathed. Crib was stripped and scrubbed AGAIN. Both kids were confined (to playpen and exersaucer) downstairs and put in front of the virtual babysitter. (In these emergencies, the TV is my lifeline to sanity!) I called their Daddy to vent.

It felt good to talk to an adult and get some sympathy. I felt better, well enough to let the girls out of their confinement to play together. I thought, I'll just put up the baby gate and run upstairs for a minute to finish mopping the bedroom floor. Bad idea. When I came down again nothing seemed amiss immediately. Boo and Cutes had pulled out all the kids movies and taken some out of their cases, but that's a common occurrence. They were still playing nicely together, so I ran downstairs to switch over my laundry, and found a large puddle next to my dryer. Puzzled, I mopped it up with a towel, and went to put my next load in the dryer. That's when I realized... my laundry tub, into which my washer drains, had gotten plugged with a couple of rags, and a small flood was creeping across my basement, under the wall, and into the next rooms. This has happened before, but in the midst of minor disasters I had forgotten to check the tub before starting the load. So I ran back upstairs, called my hubby and (on the verge of tears) asked him to bring the shop-vac from work when he came home.

Then I went to check the girls' diapers, and found that Boo had poopy hands again, although I couldn't see where it had come from, as she was still wearing her diaper. Upon closer investigation I found that she had managed to scoop out a handful and use it to "paint" the movie cases, the cupboard where they are kept, and a bit of the floor nearby. Thankfully I had a big pack of moist wipes nearby, which I quickly used to clean her off and wipe up the rest of the area. The soiled cases were bagged and removed for later cleaning. Both kids went back into confinement. I pulled out the vinegar and sanitized everything. And cried.

I don't know what I would have done if I were a single mom. My wonderful husband came home and took over with the kids, he cleaned up the dinner mess, put the kids to bed, cleaned up the basement flood, gave me some money and sent me off for some time out. This is one of the reasons I love my husband so much - he's the "tag" to my team. I'm am doing okay now, and I think I just might put my kids on a low-fibre diet for a while.


  1. Sorry to hear about your poop-tasticly bad day :( It seems you managed pretty well though. I would have lost my mind and locked myself in a closet...LOL!!

    It is always super nice to have the help, love and support of a great husband :)

  2. Hey I am new to your blog(one of Mama A's friends) Wow sounds like a crazy day, I have a little one just over a year and I hope he never finds his pop..lol Good luck with the many more days of diapers..


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