Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wanted: A Heart Big Enough

One of the reasons my posts have been sparse and oft interrupted in the last month or so is that we are in the processing of taking a big step towards opening our home to more children. That is, we are soon to be foster parents.

Having passed through the rigours of psychological testing / personality profiling and an initial home inspection, we are now in the process of getting our home fully safety compliant, going through medical screening, criminal background checks, and character references. On one hand almost anyone can be a foster parent, but on the other hand, it sure takes a lot to get to be one! All the rigamarole, far from being burdensome, is just getting me more excited about being a foster parent to the kids we will have in our care.

My Prince Charming and I have felt for some time now that we would like to adopt an older child who might have difficulty finding a good home. Ever since we started thinking about raising children, I knew I would love to have a big family...but with young children of our own and some debt we would probably not be considered for adoptive parents at this stage in our lives. This opportunity was just a divine gift for us to be able to pursue something we had already had on our hearts, and it fits with where we are as a young family right now.

Here with my house, husband, and children, I have really felt how blessed we are to live in this country, free, prosperous, and with loving friends & family. I have also been very aware of the fact that many people, even in our own area, are poor, lonely, hopeless, and slaves to addiction. Because I follow Jesus Christ, I want to be able to give hope to those who are in despair, material comfort to those who are needy, and opportunity to the disenfranchised. In short, I want to love people like He loved (loves) them - in action.

Sometimes when we look at the the world, the needs are overwhelming. We wonder, what difference can we really make? You know, I can't solve the world's problems, but I can have an impact in the lives of people I know for the better. I may not change the world, but I may change the life of a child. All it takes is a little compassion and a heart big enough to let someone else in. Do you have what it takes?

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  1. What an inspiration you both are to me!!! Congratulations on increasing your little family. We too have thought of foster care in the past, but just never got around to actually doing it. We drove through Hamilton yesterday downtown and it always amazes me at what a desperate depressing city it is. There was a young lady in her twenties walking down the street and she was obviously under the influence of drugs. It was so heart wrenching. We travelled on a bit and then I started praying for her that God would send someone along to help her and make a difference in her life. Half way through the prayer, the thought struck me - why am I praying for someone else to do it?? There is so many people right in our own backyard who are needing help and it would really cost us all so little to make an impact. I am sad and embarrassed to say that I did not turn around to help her. I will not let that happen again though! Good for you two for your willing hearts to make a difference in the life of a child. I knew I loved you too, from the first visit we had at home group at our home.


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