Monday, August 24, 2009

The Neverending To-Do List

Here we are in the final days (I hope!) of getting ready to open our home for foster care, and the list of things to be done seems interminable. Medicals are done, criminal checks are done, bedrooms are ready, but still there are the last couple of reference letters to collect, CO detectors to buy, small handyman jobs to finish, locked cabinet to pick up, and... first aid training to take! Just when I thought I had everything ready to go, I realized we don't have our CPR certification.

I really didn't have any idea, going into this, how much it was going to cost all at once to get up and running. It certainly can be a deterrent for anyone looking at fostering as just "a job". For us, however, it has if anything given us an opportunity to reaffirm that this is something we feel is a real calling. Whatever it takes, we will make it through, because of our convictions. Being parents is an enormous privilege, whether of biological children or otherwise. It's worth investing our time, money, and best effort in, and the rewards will be great.

What parent doesn't think the neverending bottles and dirty diapers were worth it the day their little toddler or preschooler says I love you, mommy? Is this so very different? It may take a lot of work, but in the end I'll know we mattered to some little lives. Meanwhile, I must get back to work on that to-do list!

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  1. It is so fantastic that you guys are opening your home to foster children :) It's all so exciting!!


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