Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I Can See Clearly Now, The Mess Is Gone...

Today, finally, my house is clean, Clean, CLEAN! I am flabbergasted by the sheer productivity of my time this morning, that and the fact that the girlies slept for 3 whole hours, allowing me to get it all done. The usual stacks of dishes all got washed, pots and pans scrubbed and sparkling, counters made spotless, and even my sinks and faucets were scoured until they shone. Floors were vacuumed, baby clothes were sorted and put away! and laundry was gathered up from all over the house. Bathrooms were cleaned. Garbages were emptied, and beds were made. Windows were opened and rooms aired out. And this was all by lunchtime!

My bedroom is unrecognizeable. This carpet... this dingy, stained, disgusting old carpet, that we meant to replace when we first moved in but never got the time or money together... is such an eyesore now. Now that you can really see it, I mean. But the rest of the bedroom looks pristine. It makes me want to paint the walls, like I intended to do over a year ago. And order new carpet, like we intended to do two years ago. I can't wait to turn on the fireplace, snuggle up with my beautiful duvet, and go to sleep in my luxurious bed tonight.

But, most of all, this spotlessness makes me want to KEEP IT UP. Now that the really hard work is done, I want it to stay this way! As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It was so amazing to be able to watch a movie this afternoon, and lay on the sofa with my feet up, and not feel a drop of guilt. Knowing that everything was done, I enjoyed making dinner, playing with the girls, and doing next to nothing all afternoon. And my husband was so happy with the state of the house that he cleared the table after supper and did the dishes cheerfully on his own initiative.

My mind feels so at ease, that I can think about things I would like to do, projects I would like to tackle, without the slightest stress or chagrin. It's a wonderful life. :)


  1. Kudos to you for getting it all done! I would love to have the opportunity to actually finish the cleaning and organizing around here.

    I am pretty proud that I finally finished painting the craft room :) Now it is right back to being a big mess. This place is SO out of control.

  2. Yeaaah, I knew you could do it!


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