Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Provisions and Decisions

It has been a good week. Sunday we took the kids to the Stirling quarry with some friends, and enjoyed some swimming and sunning on a gorgeous day. Monday we visited a veteran parent therapy home (for foster kids) and were impressed with what a rewarding opportunity we have, and how well suited to us. Yesterday I bowled badly (Tuesday night bowling league started the beginning of this month), but that was offset by a kind and anonymous giver who left a generous portion of veggies on our front porch - zucchini, squash, cabbage, potatoes... yum!

The veggies came at a great time, because I had already gone grocery shopping but had not bought much produce this week. Now I'm baking zucchini bread - several loaves - to freeze for later. Then I'll make some Asian Cabbage Salad (a new family favourite!) and maybe some sauerkraut, and probably a delicious batch of curry for later in the week. Wow, what a blessing!

We finally have a few relief days booked, meaning we will be getting our feet wet in parent therapy providing short term care for other people's long term placements. After much reflection, this has brought me to another big decision. After two years as vice-president of our local Kin club - which I recommend as a great service club for anyone with time and inclination for volunteerism - I have decided to withdraw from the organization.

I have enjoyed being a part of the club, doing the twice-annual pancake breakfasts and having good friends and co-workers in community projects, and learning about how to be a more successful leader and visionary person. Right now, however, my priorities have shifted to the home sphere where I have an incredible window of opportunity to be of great influence. I can't divide my focus between two (or three) equally deserving ventures and be effective. So, I am going to choose to set aside Kin for a while, and be fully invested in our family and foster family.

Perhaps when my girlies are older I will have another season to turn my attentions back to Kin, but for now... "So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieu!"

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