Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Art of Sushi

My latest craze is Japanese food, particularly sushi. Before I go any further, let's get one thing straight. SUSHI IS NOT RAW FISH. Neither is it hazardous to your health. In fact, among world cuisines, it is one of the most healthful, low-fat, nutrition-packed foods you can find.

Sushi, a popular snack food in Japan and a popular restaurant food in the West, is actually a wide array of bite-sized delights based around a vinegared and seasoned sticky rice (commonly called "sushi rice"). These delectable morsels may range from elaborately stuffed and garnished cones of sushi rice, veggies and other fillings wrapped in nori (edible sheets of seaweed), to simple cubes of sushi rice topped with exquisitely delicate and supremely fresh squares of, yes, raw fish (called "sashimi").

The greatest enjoyment I found in sushi was the meticulous and artistic presentation of every piece of food. To the Japanese, eating and drinking are sacred rituals, and this is evident in the care that goes into choosing the freshest and best ingredients, the attractive colours and fragrances, and the degree of formality in dining etiquette. For a foodie like me, my first experience in a good sushi restaurant was a little slice of heaven. Or rather, a BIG slice of heaven, since I had the all-you-can-eat dinner!

The extraordinary thing about sushi is that you can over-indulge to your heart's delight, and still you do not feel that heavy, sluggish, slightly sick feeling that results from gorging on most western foods. (For this reason I have found most buffets to be not completely enjoyable - the greater the selection, the more uncomfortably stuffed you can get just by trying a small portion of everything.)

In short, I am made for sushi, and sushi is made for me. So now, I'm learning the art of sushi to add to my own culinary repertoire. If you love good food and great presentation, you should consider doing so too.

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  1. Hey there!! I thought it was time for me to leave a comment since you gave me the address to your blog a few weeks ago.

    I too LOVE sushi and making it myself. I just made some yesterday, in fact :) I made a few basic rolls with avocado and cucumber, oh and I made a few rolls with imitation crab meat as well. Such tasty treats!!I will definitely be trying some more fancy sushi pieces, some day :)

    Mama A.
    (Aaron's sister)


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