Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Chew-Chew Train

While my toddler has been battling the crankiness of an incoming molar, it appears that my little baby girl has been hatching a tooth of her own. The funny thing is, just this morning I was talking at her (which she finds amusing) and commenting that it seems like a long time for her to go between teeth - the first two came at 2 months, and now she is 5 months. This afternoon I was getting her dressed to go outside and tickling her just to see her huge smile and hear her squeaky little giggle, when I decided to have a good look at her gums to see if there was any sign of swelling yet. I kind of thought she should be getting the two teeth next to the bottom middle ones soon, but her pink little bottom gums showed no sign of teeth under the surface. To my surprise, however, it looks like an eye tooth on the top right is about to emerge! So, I have two actively teething babies at once. Thankfully my baby isn't very cranky, she apparently prefers to work out her discomfort by gnawing on bones...mine. If you are one of the unlucky people whose fingers she has mangled, my apologies.

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