Friday, April 3, 2009

Seedlings Ahoy!

Garden update: My potting flats have seedlings poking up! I have been eagerly hovering over them this weak, anxious for signs of life, with no reward for my efforts - until today. Suddenly this morning there they were, half inch little greenish sprouts coming up through the dirt. Here's the funny thing though - The first seeds I planted were cilantro and watermelon; so far I have salad greens, morning glories and sunflowers sprouting, but no cilantro and no watermelon! What's up with that?

Anyway, the first seedlings are encouragement enough for now. If this darn drizzle will stop and Mr. Sun will come out and play for a while I might be able to get the rest of my garden dug up!

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  1. Hey Sarah,
    Congrats on the seedlings! Gardening is my new favourite hobby (although I have a balcony rather than a garden so I'm a bit limited). Last summer was my first attempt and it was quite pitiful. I'm really optimistic about this year and am hoping to start indoor planting this weekend... I feel nerdy, but I'm SO excited about it! I look forward to reading about your successes.


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