Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Why I'm A Punk

In my neverending quest to stretch pennies, I recently decided to take my mother-in-law's advice and learn to cut hair. It started with a little trim around my ears and bangs last week. My hairdo went from "Shaggy" to chic, and got lots of compliments, which was very encouraging. This is great, I thought, at $35 a cut, I'm never going to the salon again!

My husband also has been starting to sport the shaggy look, and since my first haircutting venture had been successful he encouraged me to take the plunge and cut his too. He went out to Canadian Tire and picked me up a set of clippers, scissors, barber comb & cape for $20 (and ended up paying $5 less thanks to an in-store promotion). Dutifully I barbered his hair with bated breath... and managed to pull it off! Okay, his regular hairdresser would probably notice the difference, but nonetheless it looked pretty decent.

Maybe these successes made me a little too cocky. "Pride comes before a fall," and my downfall came when I decided I was going to go for the full cut on my own head. Starting out, things were going well, the back and sides were even and as short as I like, but then I needed to outline around my ears. Had I not diligently observed the rule, better to cut too little than too much? That lesson must have momentarily escaped me when I took the clippers to the bit just above my left ear...Whoops! That was rather too short. The best thing I could think to do was to make the other side match. Well, it's a little on the short side, but it'll pass. Next I had to cut, thin and blend the top, which could not be done with clippers (no attachment long enough). Wow. Suffice it to say my skills with the scissors are still in the very early stages of development.

I am finding that if I use lots of gel and go for the messy-spiky look, I can almost convince someone that I made it look like this on purpose. Heavy eye makeup helps. And big earrings. So now it's official - I'm a punk. At least until my hair grows back.


  1. Aww Sarah.... You'll love it. The spikey looks is carefree. :)


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