Saturday, May 2, 2009

"Help Me If You Can..."

This was me just a few sweet days ago. Like, before my adventures in hairdressing. At the time I took this picture I was saying to myself, Ooh, this is shaggy... do I ever need a haircut! In retrospect, it really was nothing to complain about. A little shaggy around the ears, maybe. In my last post I shared with you my reasons for going punk, but after a couple of days the look was getting old and I thought I had better get my hubby to help me cut the top to even things out.

I'm posting the "after" shot so that, when you see me on the street or in the store, you will be able to suppress the shock and "Whoa!" factor and I won't feel so self conscious. No, actually I'm posting this so that my mother can get all her freaking out over with before I come over to visit. Don't worry, I keep telling myself, it will grow back in a few weeks.

When you're going to extreme lengths (no pun intended) to be a frugal housewife, you're bound to have your share of uncomfortable moments along the way. It's part of the learning process. And I guess this is mine. So, Mom, here's to learning from mistakes! :)

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