Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Drink Your Veggies

Lately I have been more conscious of the fact that my eldest daughter eats more bread and starchy foods than anything else. Sure, she likes fruit, mainly banana, loves dairy products (like her mom), and is starting to tolerate a bit of meat, but she really needs more vitamins and minerals. I am not a big fan of supplements, because I don't believe the body makes very good use of them, and besides they are expensive. I do give her peas, green beans and carrots regularly, but leafy greens are not something she will swallow... knowingly.

I read about green smoothies on a few different food blogs that I follow, and was intrigued. The concept is simple: purée greens with flavourful fruit and other yummy ingredients, and you get a very drinkable version of all your nutrients. And unlike juice, it has lots of fibre too! Sounds healthy, but trust me, it doesn't taste like health food.

Now my husband and I and my daughter have a smoothie every morning (actually, she often has two because she CHUGS them!) and we're all feeling healthier. Getting all your vitamins not only gives you more energy, it helps your mental balance too. Yay for veggies! You can experiment with whatever favourite ingredients you want to try, but be forewarned, mixing red, purple or blue / black fruit with greens makes for an ugly looking (though still yummy) drink. Here's my recipe that we have found to be the smoothest and tastiest (while still looking appetizing).

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  1. Thanks, I am going to try this!


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