Friday, May 15, 2009

A House, a Hole and a Hassle

We live in my dream house. Our small town life suits me just fine, and even the trains that creep by blowing their whistles incessantly can't change my feeling that this is the best place to live. Small town though it may be, the traffic on our street has been getting busier this year thanks to an awesome country furniture / decor / gifts / grocery / candy store that opened up next door.

Someone on town council must have had the bright idea to redo our road with new pavement and sidewalks, perhaps to make it safer. While they're at it, all our water mains and sewers are being upgraded as well. I can't complain about that, especially since they've hooked us into city water and shut off our water meters while they do construction - yay, smaller bills! But the gaping hole at the end of our driveway, now that I could do without.

For the last few days we have been unable to use our driveway, or indeed most of the street on this block. Now if we were retired and had nothing to do but garden all day, this might not be a problem. But my husband works 5 days a week, and I am a stay-at-home mom! I usually take care of the grocery shopping during the week, take the girls out for walks daily, and have company over a couple times a week. These things get kind of hard to do when you have to park half a block away and walk across lawns to get to our house, especially when carrying 2 kids, diaper bags, and groceries.

There is dirt everywhere, noise of machinery from 7 AM to 6 PM, and a constant (and dangerous) lure to my curious toddler. I can't wait until they have finished with our little stretch of road! And I am sure looking forward to them repaving the missing quarter of our driveway.

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