Monday, March 30, 2009

Garden Growing... YUM!

There has been a stash of forgotten seed packets atop my fridge for the past year. I came across them late last week, and thought I must make more of an effort to fulfil my best intentions this year. So when I took the girls for a walk on Friday, I stopped at our friendly nearby Bargain Shop and was happy to find seeding flats and potting soil for sale, cheap!

It felt great to get my hands all grubby mixing up potting soil with a bit of water and packing it into the flat cells, poking in the little seeds and covering them over. I have cilantro, salad greens, watermelon, morning glories and sunflowers waiting to germinate now, and still plan to buy seeds for tomatoes, string beans, snap peas, cucumber and peppers that we can enjoy this summer. (There's no sense planting things like potatoes and carrots, they're just as cheap to buy from the grocery store, and simply not worth the effort.)

Tending a garden this year will not only give me a pleasant incentive to be outside and getting some exercise, but I also hope it will save us some money on groceries when the veggies start yielding. That's why I've been looking for seeds of vegetables that are more expensive to buy, ones that I would eat more of if I didn't have to stick to my budget.

Saturday was such a beautiful day that I got some flower beds cleaned out and 1/4 of my intended veggie garden dug up. My arms and back were sore but in a good way from all that exercise, and what a marvellous sense of accomplishment I felt! Now if I can just find a friend with a rototiller...


  1. Ha! Looking for a friend with a rototiller myself so that I can till under the green manure I intend to plant this year in anticipation of NEXT spring's new veggie garden. Re seeds... as I was looking at the pepper seeds I bought it occurred to me how dumb I was! How many times as a kid did I grow stuff from the seeds that came right out of our food? All the time! You hardly ever need more than about ten mature plants of a certain type in your garden anyway, so even if only a portion of my 'fresh' seeds grow up I've still saved a few bucks in seeds plus the gas and time to get to the store.

    Hubby thought I was a little strange to be picking the leftover strawberry seeds out of my emptied cereal bowl but we'll see what comes of them!

  2. If you're planning on growing tomatoes from seeds you'd better get started today. Even when you buy plants, sometimes the season is too short for tomatoes to ripen.


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