Friday, March 13, 2009

Growing Pains & Pleasures

Everyone says to me "they grow up so fast," and it's true. Four months have flown by since my younger daughter was born, and each stage has come with its own challenges and delights.

Some days I am wearied by the constant fussing and finger gnawing that tell me she's teething. And at the same time she's getting cuter every day, responding to me with huge goofy smiles that crack me up. It seems that the older each of my girls get, the more difficult they become and yet the more precious and enjoyable they become also.

My elder daughter is starting to present me with real parenting challenges, showing a streak of her mother's headstrong personality, and yet becoming such a sweet natured, affectionate and eager little helper. She's increasingly more fun to spend time with, reading, playing blocks, talking on the phone, "shopping" with her little purse and cart, dressing up. Sure, I chase her out of the garbage about 20 times a day, but that's part of the package.

Even with all it's frustrations and labour, I wouldn't trade being a mommy to these girls for fame, fortune, or anything in the world.

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