Monday, March 2, 2009

Get Serious & Lighten Up

I have a confession: I am a food-a-holic. I eat for nutrition, and because I appreciate good food. That's good. I also eat because I'm stressed. I eat because I'm bored. I eat because I'm thirsty. That's not good.

When I was pregnant (most of the last 2 years!) I could indulge a bit more, because baby bellies look cute anyway. The aftermath, however, is not pretty, and sometimes now I just feel old, weak and achy, not to mention the F-word... chubby. This is fairly common for women to experience after their second child, I know, and we don't have to feel like this for the rest of our lives. That's why I've set a goal, and made a plan.

The Challenge: Regain muscle tone, set healthier habits and fit into my pre-preg pants.

I don't believe in diets, so I'm going to share a few strategies that everyone can benefit from, and that will help me achieve these goals. First, I will be drinking at least 8 cups of water a day. That's four 500 mL bottles. Lots of water is the best cure for a whole variety of symptoms, from headaches, depression, and fatigue to joint pain, dry skin and constipation. I know, yuck. When my mom answered any complaint with the annoying "DRINK MORE WATER" ...she was right.

I also need to limit the amount of bread and pasta I eat, focussing more on high-fibre grains like barley and oatmeal. I need to eat way more fresh fruit and veggies - and plan to eat one salad a day. And of course, I need to get moving. 30 minutes a day of aerobic exercise either by myself (walking) or with my hubby (...) will help me have more energy, and to sleep better at the end of the day. And last but not least, I need to make sure I'm getting adequate rest. With two babies at home it's not always possible to get a full night's sleep, but I can still make sure I get to bed on time and if necessary take a power nap at some point during the day.

I can absolutely guarantee both you and me that sticking to this plan over the long term will result in a much healthier, happier and energetic person. Wish me luck! And next time you see me, please feel free to ask me how many cups of water I've had today.


  1. I'm so glad you're writing this blog, Sarah. :)

    I fully agree with water curing anything. I have a history of very bad migraines, and nothing fixes me up better than a few glasses of water out of my 30oz cup:)

    This post-pregnancy bod-stuff is not the most flattering, eh?

  2. :) Isn't that the truth. Here's to positive change!


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